The beginning.


It's been 3 weeks since the official launch of my new website and brand. Things kicked off with my social media ad (see pic below). I wrote a little bit about it on the website and I'll share what I wrote here:

"Introducing, my first ever campaign!



"But, who is she?" I hear you ask.

Let me tell you.

My name is Sara Hussain, I'm 35 years old and I design jewellery. I make all the pieces myself but I will be 3D printing soon (I love technology! Most of it anyway). 

I was born in the UK. England to be precise, and lived in a couple of different countries whilst growing up. 

I studied Information Systems at Uni (you see, technology) and then went on to work as a Credit Controller for numerous large and small companies for around 13 years. 

I always loved fashion. A lot of people do, right? And so I knew I'd eventually at some point design something.

Why didn't I just study jewellery/fashion? Well that's the whole basis for the message in the ad. Although I was totally into tech, I wasn't following my true passion because I felt it was important (due to various influences) for me to study something 'concrete' and then get a 'real' job.

That meant I wasn't really being me.

Long story short, a few years in to working as a Credit Controller I began designing and making jewellery on the side. I've now quit my job (for the second time), have re-branded and launched a new website.


What's the brand all about? 

I design what I perceive to be unique and individualistic jewellery. The ideas generally come to me out of seemingly nowhere, and yes I have dreamt about a few of them too.

I run everything myself and since I enjoy photography I do all of that too. 

That may well change in the future, but for now it's all me. 


So what are you going to be seeing on this here blog?

Insights into the brand, pictures and, since the brand is an extension of me, also insights into me and what I'm doing behind the scenes.

Sound good? 

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